Growing up in the segregated South (Louisville, KY.), Andrea remembers the first day of ‘busing’. Busing was a term used when schools were beginning to integrate black and white students. This would paint her soul with a deep desire to assist with uniting all people…….and loving all people.

As a socially conscious artist, her song ‘Reparationz’ is coming out for Black History month on 02-02-24.

She tours with her husband/co-writer Billy Shank and together they represent freedom and transformation. Billy is also a featured speaker and an award winning author.

Andrea likens her sound to, “John Lennon meets Lady GaGa for tea on a spiritual retreat.”

Previous releases include ’Freedom as the Mystic’,On Fire For Love’, ‘Blessings’, ‘Churches and Prisons’, ‘Potential’, and Freedom Rox’. All of her music is available on her website,, Apple Music, YouTube, SoundCloud and Spotify.

Agape International Spiritual Center is where Andrea truly found her calling in inspirational music. Through Agape, and with such iconic influences as Rickie Byars, Lady Gaga and Neil Young, Andrea was finally able to fully unleash her unique style of music.

Connecting and marrying the love of her life, Billy Shank, she has grown exponentially. Their vision of freedom shines through on the music they co-write.

Andrea and Billy opened the ‘Rhythm and Joy Festival’ in 2015 and was interviewed on Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith’s radio talk show, The Sound of Transformation, on KPFK Los Angeles.

Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith of ‘The Secret’ calls Andrea “a Rockstar for God”.

Andrea Lane is truly Inspiration on the Edge’.  Her full schedule is available on this website.

SMALLER SIZE BIOGRAPHY: Socially conscious Rock Artist, Andrea Lane, can be found sharing music in Centers for Spiritual Living, correctional facilities and coffee shops all over the world. She is known as ‘a Rockstar for God’ by Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith. She likens her sound to “John Lennon meets Lady GaGa for tea on a spiritual retreat.” Andrea’s full schedule and more can be found at