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Abraham Hicks -Love their message!!!

I have been listening to a lot of Abraham Hicks lately. Their message is empowering and seems to set the listener free. They talk mostly about aligning with the vortex which is all of the things that you desire. They talk about the law of attraction which in essence says that if you are aligned with the universe/higher self and you are a vibrational match to what it is that you desire, you should attract the right conditions to manifest it. Really, whatever you are focusing on, or paying attention to on a consistent basis should be drawn to you. They are even saying that the new president is a good thing. Certainly the new government cannot control your own personal reality. You create that yourself with your thoughts, feelings and actions. It’s a big thing to accept and to understand but mostly it’s an incredible concept to master. And sometimes, what shows up is a slightly different version than what you had in mind. I’m making myself available to this teaching!!! What about you? Please share your comments with thoughts with me!