Seeing beyond illusion

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Dear Rockers,

Well 2014 is off to an amazing start! Whoo! January is over! hahahahha  It was a start to a year I will never forget.  I will tell you that as strong as I am, I was completely devastated by the transition of my beautiful cat Maya.  15 years of friendship on this plane has been so phenomenal.  But she was ready to go.  She has given me the message of seeing beyond illusion (Maya means illusion).  She continues to bless me with dream messages of freedom.  May you also find that kind of friend!!

I’m so excited to be the musical inspiration at Agape on 2-19-14! Whooooooooo I love my home church! The community and love I experience there is sooooooooooooo awesome!  I will be doing songs off of my new EP “On Fire For Love” WHOOOOOOO x 2!

ALSO, I’m super excited to be supporting  The Raj festival will be off the hook for sure this year!  Please check out their indiegogo campaign–2/x/1035675

Big love and blessings to all of you!

2014 Blog for the year of the horse

Andrea Rocker #2So, it’s the year of the horse in Chinese horoscope. Yay! I was born during a horse year and so was Billy. I am knowing and calling on an amazing year for all of us. I am learning how to really work with the universe to bring about good things. If you read the new book “E2” by Pam Grout, she teaches energy experiments which show you that your thoughts create your reality. It’s really a lot of fun and it empowers you at the same time. I’m getting a turbo charge to my faith muscles. As I live more in the invisible energizing what I want to see in the visible, I am finding that it works. BUT, you must not ever give up on yourself or your dreams. So many times I have wanted to give up but I always remember to keep going in trust and faith. It’s also important to celebrate the little successes along the way. So, here’s to a great year NOW and for the next 365 days! May we be grateful, prosperous, faithful, and recognize everything as a blessing!



Today is a beautiful day of remembrance.  I definitely remember where I was on 9-11-01.   I was driving to CSUN finishing my degree in French.  I was late that morning and had not turned on any news.  I usually start my day with quiet meditation anyway.  When I arrived, students were surrounding television sets everywhere.  So many of them were watching that I had to see what it was. Honestly, I did not believe it.  It took many moments of standing there trying to figure out if what I was seeing was real.  In fact, it was.  This day affected all of us all over the world forever.  What I know is that we can all grow into more beauty, love, acceptance and unconditional love.  Most of all, I know we have all grown into more forgiveness.  I am blessed.  The world is not always what we want to see but our reaction to it is always our decision.  Today I choose love and forgiveness.  I am also so happy to be releasing my new EP which contributes to a world of joy.  “On Fire For Love” comes out this month.  To pre-order email  I will also be singing live at the RAJ festival on Friday Oct. 4 at 6pm. Let’s collectively add rhythm and joy to this world. I’m in! I’m grateful and thankful to be alive right now. 

RAJ Fest 2013

June 12, 2013

Rockers, I am in the middle of recording my new EP ‘On Fire For Love’ and it’s awesome!      Thank you all for supporting my on-line fund raiser to be able to do this project. YAY! Dreams are coming true!  The release date is Sept. 15, 2013.  A lot of you will get a copy since you have pre-purchased it.  If anyone else would like to pre-purchase, please email me at! love and blessings, ANDREA!

rev michael and me!

On Fire For LOVE -35 days left! AHHHHH!


Rockers! I’ve started a campaign to raise funds for my next EP (1/2 CD)! Whoo!Danny and Andrea

It’s super exciting!  If you have a moment, look at my video which can be found atthe link below.  It’s scary to really follow your dreams. FULL OUT living is the only way Iexperience joy and freedom.  I pray that you follow your dreams also! Share with me what they are in comments below. loving you, Andrea

Hello from Andrea


It’s so fun to sit down and breathe.  We spend our lives running around doing so many things that we don’t even remember doing them. At least, that’s my experience. When I sit and breathe into the pulse of the universe, I am connected and I feel free. It is then and only then that I write meaningful lyrics and songs. When I feel free, I realize that I can be completely un-attached to the chaos and things that go on around me. Also, I am always at choice. Yay! Cheers!  Let’s make choices that propel our lives into more joy, freedom and creativity! Join me?